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1 thing that will increase the cost of the initiative.

1 thing that will increase the cost of the initiative.

Our Study Place, an initiative trying to manage studying and learning environment for children who has less opportunities and more than education or going to school there are other urgent needs that they have to take care of otherwise they will not have food to eat.

Our ancestor managed place to live really analysing geographical distractions for the human being. Human beings changed their style. From jungle human beings become superior to other living beings- all animals and plants. But there were challenges that I have already mentioned are hills, dense forest and the natural structures like river flowing inside jungles. Even now, there are challenges that humans become aware of when a natural disaster like flood or earthquake occurs. There are many other kinds of disasters that comes under it that is not human made. However, focusing on Nepal where Dilasha Aviyan has been working on, those settlements are geographically in the hills. Some are in one and others are on another hill. Because at the top of the hill it is little flat. Or if even it is pointed in a triangle shape, then it is easy to make it flat. That is the starting point for the tribes. Continuing living there we can find few changes, like there are more than one type of people and there are walking paths to reach from one village to the another. However, this is one cause that either managing a human resource or starting and centralizing in one place for the entire ward is a risk because:

  1. The activity of this initiative starts in the afternoon till evening or even could go late evening.
  2. Not only is monsoon season but the walking path is narrow and there are always possibilities of falling rock from up the hill.

Moreover, the management of human resources that is most important and relevant. The availability of tutors, just like in urban areas, in a coaching class. But that is just another thing in those areas that is why we are calling it “geographically disadvantage”. If we manage one tutor for one learning center. We will need at least 4 in one ward because there are several villages, like in Bhatte Danda ward there are about 14 villages. Managing a qualified tutor is relevant but we have to pay monthly. And related expenses will occur too. Besides the cost, we must think about the effect of someone outside the area. Hence, beside financial there are other causes linked with the management of human resources like tutor to run daily 2-hour class in the evening.

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