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Name of the projectExpected outcomeOutputResult
Rescue Support ServicesStreet without sick and suffering and learning the way to manage human abandoned in street1. developed network
2. create a place where rescued stay for a day or maximum 14 days
3. printed information
4. visited the streets of Kathmandu Valley
Directly rescued 4 (3 female and 1 male) and managed place at partner’s NGO.
Indirectly rescued 2 female by informing the social worker.
2018 | partners Jiwan Jyoti Home, Pabitra Samaj Sewa Nepal, Ganesh Man Singh Research Hospital, Jawalekhel police, Aama Ghar
Self-Managed HomeObtain idea to motivate girls in right direction i.e. education (those girls were from illiterate and economically challenging family or destitute with no one or suffering from social cause)1. Partnered with the village seniors, and parents
2. Managed a place
3. Admitted place appropriate to their level of education
Among those 4 who completed school in 2019, 3 joined technical course and 1 higher secondary 2 years course completed found job. 1 recently (2023) appeared for SEE (grade 10 examination), other 2 are continuing their school. Total 7 children | 2019 – March 2023