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  1. It is cost-effective, Co. Mi. sees “prevention” as a strategy to maintain person’s/ family’s economic situation. Or, to maintain consistency.
  2. This habit saves time and helps to protect the world’s natural heritages. There are several examples:
    1. less consumption of fuel because traveling will be less
    2. human being is the most important living being on this planet, focusing on “prevention” helps to expand knowledge and ideas
  3. Moreover Nepali citizens (as a whole a symbol citizens of LDCs) needs to focus in it because that is helping cheater, bribes, corruption to grow. Prevention is simple but people neglect to focus on it like:
    1. Spending quality time with children
    2. Time management to run households and children’s time in several activities and their studies
    3. Visiting schools and meeting teachers to find out the progress and challenges of their children
    4. Taking care of households – safety and security and hygiene
  4. A country needs to save its wealth to prevent from financial situations that could come because of natural disasters or calamities or the effect of climate change.