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Social Work Students

Looking for a place to invent problems, implement their knowledge for wisdom

Are they paid:

  1. It depends on the availability of the project
  2. Many look to do survey and get data. To do that they need project. For that they need to invest. But we have cost-effective ways help them.

It is important to have partnership among the Educational Institute and Co. Mi.:

  1. Yes, it is most appropriate. We work together like student are assisted to present their knowledge as a part of communication skills and confidence development.
  2. However, Co. Mi. is into something that we are working to have a partnership that goes long way. Co. Mi. play a role for that. Actual partnership is between the student and the rural or urban communities


  1. Quick job after completing course
  2. Ideas to find jobs at various sectors and knowing about where their degree fits
  3. Opportunities to learn the modern ways to be in job and earn