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Safeguarding (working on 2024.03.04)

Our Commitment to Safeguarding Children

Console Mission works in Nepal focusing on helping mainly teenagers ((1.) they are the children (2.) and they are aged below 20) by strengthening their capacity that they can distinguish what is right and wrong. To do that we have an initiative called Our Study Place. This initiative provides them with the opportunity to focus on their studies, develop career and find ways that they can continue their education and find job that help them to earn and learn about the protection from harm.

This work would not be possible without child safeguarding. Console Mission recognizes that when special trust is exploited and standards for safeguarding children fail, immense damage is caused with long-term effects on the lives of children, their families and communities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Safeguarding

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is set of policies, procedures and practices employed to actively prevent harm, abuse and distress.

Console Mission adopts safeguarding practices within our organization to ensure our employees, volunteers, partners, vendors, and other representatives do not deliberately or unintentionally harm or abuse children or adults in affected communities.

What is child safeguarding?

Child safeguarding is specifically focused on preventative actions to ensure that all children are protected from deliberate or unintentional acts that lead to the risk of or actual harm. [1]

The goal of child safeguarding is to create and maintain a safe culture that is child-focused and community-driven through sustained and meaningful engagement with children, their families, communities and all representatives.

At Console Mission, child safeguarding is a commitment to be a safe organization for children. The Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures along with the Code of Ethics, are the foundation for safe programming standards, which reflect Console Mission’s commitment to first prevent harm and abuse, and then report and respond whenever concerns arise

What is the difference between child safeguarding and child protection?

Child safeguarding is about making Console Mission safe for children. Child safeguarding refers to a set of policies, procedures and practices employed to make a business safe for all children they work with. 1

Child protection is about making the world safe for children. It refers to actions done to protect specific children from concerns of risk or harm.

At Console Mission, it is our thematic or programmatic area of work aimed at protecting children from all forms of abuse and exploitation in all regions of the world. Child Protection responses are macro-level in scale and involve holistic approaches to meet the social and legal protection needs of children and their families within vulnerable communities.

What is the difference between child safeguarding and child welfare?

Child welfare is making the community safe for children.

At Console Mission, it includes claims of child abuse that happen externally and/or that are required by law or local norms to be reported to local authorities, which may include familial, communal or institutional child abuse allegations.

Why do we need child safeguarding?

Child safeguarding is important because when trust is exploited and standards for safeguarding children fail, immense damage is caused with long-term effects on the lives of children, their families, and communities. Abuse can take many forms and its effect on a child’s physical, emotional and mental health can be severe and long lasting. 

We need child safeguarding to ensure that children’s rights and well-being are at the center of everything we do.

Why is child safeguarding training important?

Safeguarding training is important to ensure that all staff at every level of the business feel empowered to protect children and report violations. By providing training, businesses will help to promote a culture where safeguarding concerns are taken seriously, reported and addressed.

Console Mission staff and representatives are trained annually on child safeguarding. We have a zero tolerance policy for child abuse and take all reports seriously.