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About Us

About Us

When Dilasha Aviyan or Console Mission was in a process to get legal status by registering at the relevant Government office, a foreigner associated with NGO questioned about its necessities. Because there were several. That put Dilasha Aviyan in a position to explore its need really. Therefore, when the chairman of Dilasha Aviyan brought a project proposal template, the working team member did not find it useful. For 5 years starting from April 2010 to 2015, Dilasha Aviyan focused in finding out the need that it must focus on. Then found out which areas to focus, in a learning stage still how to do and priority beneficiary.

The earthquake pulled Dilasha Aviyan to reach the rural village communities situated in the district that was more harmed by it. During and after a little while Dilasha Aviyan sensed the main root cause of slow progress and the possibilities of the continuous need for shelter home.

To address the need, in 2016 and 2017, a project was started to provide fertilizer to strengthen the root. It went on with the initial need assessment survey done during earthquake and more studies.

At first Dilasha Aviyan thought the project is the solution. But since it did not happen. Based on the management principle, a physical presence was planned. That was going to occur some financial costs. Therefore, it was started as a test project for a 4-month period.

Distracting with the continuation of educational materials management like uniform and notebook did not work.

It was found that what Dilasha Aviyan indicated barrier was found to be accepted from long time back. It is considered cultural practice. The matter was sensitive. The presence of government bodies in the areas was, in the case of this matter, showed not presence. The government was really to apply law, therefore that was an object create conflict. The local people might ask alternative solution to what they had been practicing as culture. But what does the government do? Therefore, they needed help. NGO like Dilasha Aviyan is directed or say permitted or even welcomed to focus on social change that help for progress.