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There are two kinds of cultures. First must be linked with the part of society that brings happiness and that can be shared openly. Second must be something based on need or fear of past experiences that is also connected to need but it is not going to bring happiness though it functioning well. For example, if one family member works and brings resources at home that brings happiness but that is not easygoing because that member is supposed to be doing something but he or she is in the wrong place though that is helping the family.

Needs and Thoughts:

  1. There is possibility that “she” will be raped by someone close and get pregnant – so it is better “she” gets married to someone soon. It happens after menstruation. Society sees “her” capable of be a mother. It is natural and a gift of God, a permission from God.
  2. It is time that “she” must earn, she must take care of households, therefore she must get a place by getting married.
  3. School is far “she” may get closer with opposite gender.
  4. If “she” will get married in fresh, it is better.
  5. After completing school my parents are not capable to invest in my education because I have to go in rural. There I have to manage my expenses for tuition and room rent. Therefore it is better to stop early going to school.
  6. Our secondary school has 11 and 12 grades but what I want to study is unavailable.
  7. There are many who completed college but have not got a job according to the qualifications.
  8. Even if we get a job, earning will be less compare to those who are not educated.