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Looking For

Background analysis: Local people must value the public facilities and services that is run technically by the money indirectly provided by the citizens. Therefore, citizens are the investors and the owner. It means it is the citizens who must take advantage and responsibilities to run it, function it well and sustain its facilities. The government employees must be treated well, and their service must be accepted.


  1. Basic Public Facilities and Services
  2. Human Assets


  1. Strengthening the capacities of the local public facilities to function well and regular
  2. Strengthening the capacities of the human resources in public services


  1. Management of professionals to assist
  2. Work partnering with the stakeholders
  3. Organise survey and report the output to the key stakeholders.
  4. Awareness activities
    • Motivate locals to participate
    • Start self-help group and clubs
  5. Technical balances
  6. Technological solutions
  7. Assist to develop network with the private sectors
  8. Reflect the need of tools, machineries and other basic needs
  9. Develop sample guidelines that help to function the services in need when the service provider is unavailable or during urgencies. The local group like self-help or club can follow the booklets and guidelines.