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  • office@consolemission.org
  • Lalitpur district, Nepal

Our Creditability

  1. Legal status is maintained with the related government bodies.
    • Registered and renewed annually since its starting.
  2. Annually audited its financial reports to the government licensed auditor.
  3. Annual general meeting is held every year.
  4. Board member’s election is held every time after the term is completed.
  5. Dilasha Aviyan is the Nepali name and Console Mission is in English that is mentioned in the Policy that was accepted by the government bodies.
  6. To manage financial transactions mainly payment and banking relevant tasks are followed according to its financial policy and manaual.
  7. Resources management manual is followed in managing the human resources and the procurement of non-human resources.
  8. Volunteer is the base for carry on its work. A volunteer selection, development and their working manual is followed.
  9. We keep record of the work done from the stakeholder and beneficiaries from the working area where the project is implemented.

Development networks, partners and advisers