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The development of technology, food and materials like cloth impacted the lives of the people living in the developing world that the need of money is increased. From past human being were used as substances that help to earn and benefit for certain purposes. There were time and still children who leave going to school are found suitable at working in house. Who is that child who stop going to school? Certainly, someone from a family facing social challenges related to finance. Anything is possible that a person left home hugging his/her child could return planning something that is not suitable but for certain benefit that will fulfill their certain needs. To stop such situation to happen and discontinue, a daughter who grows up and become mother is a power. We need to strengthen and make her more powerful.

There are several stories of 2 days girl or a teenage mother or an adult mother and someone above age 50 and above who was found in street. There are stories from home to brothels and street. Suffering from diseases and ignored and thrown away like a material.

That just happened because once they did not put extra effort and courage to continue going to school.

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