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Story 1

Story 1

Lack of fund children stops continuing study, but that did not happen

Here is a short overview of the initiative of Console Mission (CoMi) that helped one youth to reach her goal.

Console Mission did find a scholarship for this student. Growing-up in a village, it is brave for teenage to plan to migrate to a city. She did open way for two of her younger sisters and a brother. They can continue their education after completing school. This also assure that they will complete their school’s education. What CoMi did, finding scholarship, and what if she was not selected for the scholarship. Along with this beneficiary, CoMi appreciate the opportunity. And hope to continue to address the needs of students alike.

Here is an interview with the student:

(not everyone, the beneficiary, become close to CoMi as she did by attending events and gatherings and by responding to CoMi’s curiosity)

  1. When she was asked: why did you select to be a nurse? there were other options also? She said “It was her childhood dream“.
  2. The Second question asked her was: When you shared your father or mother about the money that you need to study this 3-year course, what did they told? Because it is costly. She answered her parents told her that they could not afford it. And suggested her to join a Law course. But her relative, sister-in-law, supported her by telling her parents that nursing is a good profession. And she may get a scholarship as she heard as a Skill Tailoring trainee of CoMi.
  3. The answer to the third question was: first I used to think it would be easy to earn as expected based on my time, effort and expenditures. But I learned that nurses are paid a low salary incomparable to the challenges that they take during work and working all hours and time. I do not know how I will manage my rent. (You will find the question to this answer on this page.)

Achieved percentage: 82.71% | Name of institute: Green Tara College of Health Science | Course: 3 Years (from 2021 to 2023) |

Question 3: Now what is your plan? Will it be easy to find a job and earn money as expected in Nepal? What do you think?