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The office of Bagmati Village Municipality Started Setting Budget for Students Continue Further Study after completing SEE successfully

The office of Bagmati Village Municipality Started Setting Budget for Students Continue Further Study after completing SEE successfully

Effective impact of shifting responsibilities with authority to the local level in Nepal can be seen. But they require assistance from well managed authorized body like NGO.

It took long time, many years, that need itself become so powerful that the government of Nepal allocated the responsibilities and authorization capacity to the local level. For long time Nepali people suffered. Even after democracy, unchanged system affected the people living in the local area. The Public services and Public Service bearer had to travel to the central for approving for the materials that is quickly needed. For example, need stationery items for school.

The Village Development Committees was changed into Ward and Several Wards were Structured into Municipality that is quick in responding the need of the locals in the rural areas.

In 2019 when 3 girl’s students decided for technical course, they were encouraged both financially and psychologically. Then they were preparing for entrance living with Dilasha Aviyan financially supported for coaching class by another education focused organization. Their result of grade 10 taken by the government was not out yet. However, it happened all 3 of them and there were other students too planning for grade 11 become successful. But among the 3 students, the required grades in 1 subject did not meet. She joined coaching class and reappeared for the examination, and she did get the required number. Until then she was already admitted in course along with other 2 students. It was something for the people of their area. They were from same ward by from different villages called Bulakhi Chawor and Jhakri Danda. After admission, these students were suggested to apply for fund at their related government office. They collected a letter of admission from their respective educational institutes and applied. And it was accepted that they received good amount because the scholarship that they were receiving was not enough to manage all their need.

The needs were:

  1. Textbooks
  2. Notebooks
  3. Stationeries
  4. Dress
  5. Tour and travels
  6. Practical examinations
  7. Extra curriculum activities fee
  8. Examination fees to the affiliated or examination management legal body
  9. Daily travel cost
  10. Daily tiffin
  11. Food expenses
  12. Living expenses

Features and characterstics of technical/vocation courses:

  1. Short compared to other course from less than a year to 3 years
  2. Costly
  3. More practical focused
  4. Possibilities to get job quickly after the completion of the course
  5. Interaction with business, companies and factories


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