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The concern of your visit

The concern of your visit

Console Mission (CoMi) is an NGO started following the rules and regulations of the firm registration process. And it is in the hub city of the country. In 2010 the existing similar nature firms were active mostly outside having their head office here in the Lalitpur district and other parts of the Kathmandu valley. Project were geographically outside but when CoMi organised its first hygiene awareness event in 2014, a public awareness on handwashing, it was surprised to find out “the people living in the valley were unknown about how the world has been giving priority for handwashing as the basic but base of personal hygiene”.

console mission – The Global Handwashing Partnership

The Global Handwashing Partnership (GHP)

Now since then and before that people abandoned in the street were rescued and managed at the shelter homes appropriate for them, according to their need and also the availability of place. A random street visit was done every end of the week. And it was figured out that those seen in the street in desperate situations but not fake. Then quickly rescued, following the suggestion of an organisation called Koshish Nepal, mostly girls and women are physically vulnerable. And such cases were quickly rescued. To do that, the Police Authority, Hospitals and the Shelter Home’s volunteers and staff promptly supported. CoMi become an agent to find and encourage or console for quickly rescue.

Hence, becoming a publicly known as “Dilasha”, as a visitor or who concerned the work of CoMi, you become someone welcomed in Nepal. And treated as you expect. However public event, in the valley is stopped, moving to the rural and in the needed communities in urban, CoMi is experiencing the need to re-start.”The value of handwashing was recognised during the pandemic”. And now CoMi is champion in hand hygiene. The problem is the proper way of handwashing and the question over developing habits. Since lack of practical teaching that could be the factor that the link between the progress of habit and when that must be learned did not happen. It is important at our OSP, children learn it.

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