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Theory of Change

Theory of Change
ActivitiesAudienceOutputsShort Term OutcomesMedium Term OutcomesLong Term Outcomes
Formation of parents committeeParents’ who lack to value education, mostly those parents are the parents of the public schools’ studentAwareness programmes
Monthly meetingsLearn and accept the importance of education.

Open bank account to save fund for the Childrens’ education.
Children get opportunity to continue their education until they start earning.
In a discussion session parents learn about their roles and responsibilitiesMainly mothersDevelop timetable to manage time to be with their children.

Psychosocial trainings.
Parents active participation Parents meet with their Childrens’ teacher, regularly to understand the status of their Childrens’ studies.

Parents monitor their Childrens’ learning habits at home.

Parents understands their Childrens’ psychological development.

Parents actively involve in the growth of their children.
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