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Seems out of track

Seems out of track

Community work or development is vast.

In 2020, time of pandemic, Co. Mi. did not realise that it will interact with the unexpected incident and that later on have to handle it well. And did not imagine that its #rented flat would turn into a place for the girls from the rural area to stay and continue their studies. Now they have completed their studies and they are on their own, just started professional life.

It was actually about a teenage girl who cried out for help and for justice. It was heard, one of the past Health & Management trainees from her village shared about her situation. Co. Mi. informed a media who reached there and after finding the fact and intervening the barriers, she got justice. But after that she could not stay in her village. She (Anita) got place at Co. Mi. along with other 4 girls, she also brought her younger sister because her father had another husband and family. And since her mother was no more with them, she had to bring her younger sister who is found a hostel by Co. Mi. and though Co. Mi. sent her to village and helped to join school, she could not continue there. Now she is working in one house living there. Co. Mi. was asked about this project that was named Self Managed Home (SMH). It just came based on the very need. Yes, Co. Mi. had a scholarship project for school’s children. Later after completing 10, that was the main problem that children dropout. Because they know what will happen after completing 10. The cost to migrate in city, rent and all other expenses, not affordable. Co. Mi. have see those whose parents did help could not continue regular support and when the final examination came they had to return back because their educational institute asked to pay to appear for the examination. Parents never thought that time would come that they had to manage fund, regularly for their children, so they hardly saved. Many did not have a bank account. Moreover, not only the additional financial burden but actually that is connected with the income generation.

The main occupation is agriculture and farming. To harvest more and quickly, people have learned to use chemical fertilisers but that is decreasing the value, the quality of the food. Because that is cause of unhealthy food consumption and not healthy. Therefore, harvesting naturally, the food is today’s priority. When their primary occupation will boost but sustainable, soil condition, not affected by chemicals. All that is linked with children’s future too. Therefore when Co. Mi. is focusing conservation or agricultures or managing food that is wasted during harvesting or not able to transport in right place, it may seem out of direction. But it is not. Really community work or development is vast and many aspects are linked with each other that just like unimagined Self Managed Home for girls, these are some and many new unimagined and unknown areas that Co. Mi. should cover in future.


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