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A son of public school’s principal

A son of public school’s principal

Young, one among 3 children, son, living in a government’s facility, is used to tobacco and alcoholic beverages. He often regrets, close to the school where his father used to be the boss, running a retail shop and looking for opportunities to earn. He has his own family but is supported by his parents. He also had a chemist’s shop, selling medicine and providing jobs opportunities. But he became used to drugs that he could not run it well. His wife helped to stop it by managing to have it at home rather than outside. But that did not help. He also had several conflicts that he had to return to his parents.

Based on this case, it is teenage, egos and challenges that direct someone in future career path. Living in a government’s facility this person involved in discriminating against others, little age below his age, living in rent. Mainly, there was a public tap, early morning, locals to collect water, he was not necessary to intervene but he was supporting someone else. And even, using his father’s power, insisting the water controller, the government employee to stop water, interfering. When some young children were speaking up, he even got violent, collecting a few other guys, and physically violent.

In the same area, one of the founder members used to live in their own house. Those living in rent, in need, used to get help. That was something related to the son of someone important person and neighbour. When one person, in the teenage is discriminating and the other is defending, obviously 2 different ways of living life. Certainly, that person was irregular to school, bunking, going to watch movies, instead of going to school. In that situation, the person defending those suffering of not getting collect water, was regular to school. That was the time that person left private school and joined public school. “That was the time, controversy studying at public school, private schools or calling boarding schools were the quality place for education compared to the public school”. But when a student flunks, there is a challenge to get promoted and the student needs to continue from starting from the same grade. And it will be the junior. It is a shameful situation. Therefore, those studying at private or boarding school select public school and get opportunity to continue in the grade. That helps to maintain 1 year loss. However, in upper grade in 8, 9 and 10, the course is difficult and similar. Because both students either from boarding or public have to appear in national examination that the question paper is the same. Just the difference is boarding students’ writes in English and those from public school answers in Nepali except English subject paper. In the case of the son of the principal, could not face even after joining public school. Because he missed basic parts of learning instead his mind was full of the unnecessary and made pictures that he saw in movie hall bunking classes. Besides, he was also involved in selling tickets in high price that he was taught by some other person who was a school dropouts. They used to wait for the time when a new movie used to be released. For a while when they earned, they were happy. The trend went further and he did earn but that did not last long. Life become a compromise that to fulfil it, he is giving priority to his children’s education. Education is important, it gives opportunities and ways to move ahead even facing challenges. It is most important that children also get opportunity to learn and experience life skills lessons on time. To make is sure, Co. Mi. is focusing that its initiation to start a learning place in community will have such opportunities that children gets opportunities to strengthen their thinking power. And capable to focus on the need and priority.


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