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Story: “If I had no Children, my life would be different”

Story: “If I had no Children, my life would be different”

A mother was known during the pandemic when Console Mission reached her village where she recently came. She was living in a house built by her brother during an earthquake made of zinc sheet. The reason that she is back to her parental house was because her husband did not care for her and 3 children.

Manamaya’s children are supported managing educational materials and continued going to school. And she also had handloom training. To start business, a handloom machine was also provided. She was consulted to have legal proof of separation from her husband and get based on legal provisions. She had a daughter and 2 sons whose future must be secure. Because later the land where she is living that belongs to her brother will need to be purchased so that she can continue living. Along with 3 children, she is aged below 35.

By helping her children, scholarship and skill training with business starting kits, Console Mission have done sufficient. However, she will need legal and psychosocial support.


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