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Weekend Fasting

Weekend Fasting

Last Friday, the second week of October 2023, we had the opportunity to hold fast together in a group.

The purpose of fasting was to understand our own attitude, develop it or sustain it. If it is not effective, then find the way to control it and transform it into an acceptable attitude and humble Psalm 35:13 ourselves. Beside that we try to learned about the present work of an INGO called World Vision because our motive was to pray for their service the need required to serve. In this way the young staff members also got opportunity to learn the work of INGOs. Moreover when we read from Bible, we found that there were 2 cultures there followed by the people. The first is their own, may be Hebrew, Jews or the culture of that part where Jesus was born. Jesus that we accept as a leader that we need to learn as a part of a mission to stand for the social causes. And the second is the culture that Jesus was living and maybe he wants us to follow. This was a point of reflection.

As a part of the fasting, we learned from visiting the website of World Vision. Its history and latest updates. We learned it was started after the founder name Bob Pierce giving the last $5 in his pocket to help care for an abandoned Chinese girl in 1947, to then-CEO Stan Mooneyham purchasing a large ship in 1979 to rescue refugee families stranded at sea in Vietnam, World Vision has gone where others would not. Even in the places where it is hardest to be a child, God is there—and we should be there too. So, our mission continues. (https://www.wvi.org/our-history). Besides this, the latest update helps to understand how World Vision is helping Ukrainians, affected by war to shelter in Georgia. And when we checked their prayer needs, they are focusing prayer for the action against hunger.

We did pray for the upcoming event that went well. But it was a preparation for the coming days to organize a rally, set a campaign and also work beyond. To do this ‘we’ must work together.

By reading the story and prayer focus, Console Mission developed an idea that we must be outgoing and do something for the world around us. We need to help youngsters to have an opportunity to develop their self-confidence by participating in a group gathering where we talk on topics relevant and issues that they might be facing. In this way, they get ways to come along and open their heart as they might be facing several problems and going through issues. An idea to start a fellowship but not a religious one was shared that will be written and shared. And our management volunteer did so.

If, by reading the Bible, we are following others culture and adopting it then that will distract. For example, eating or killing cows is not Nepali culture.  But that may be acceptable in other parts of the world. And even Nepali people must not give a name to Christian by saying Christianity is a cow eating religion. Maybe people stopped saying that. However, they must not say that. Matthew 9:15


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