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When many are the victim, what about me?

When many are the victim, what about me?

In social work sector during the training or interaction event, the event management team or NGO try to find out the cause behind speaking up and standing for against the child marriage.

On October 2022 an associate of Console Mission attended an event of an alliance of NGOs network focusing to stop child marriage in Nepal. There in an introduction session the director asked if you are married before age 18 or relative to come right side then and other left side. The point was to find out the victim of child marriage. There were more than half who neither of those. And those who were, knew someone. There were none the victims. To find such a person is possible but there must be an outcry. However, the question of effectiveness and viewing someone working to stop child marriage ineffective will not be essential.

Our study shows 5 in 3 got married early and not completed their education or stopped after completing grade 10. We can find most of the parents and their parents married early.

Now we do not speak easily about marriage with teenagers. But for our associate, though he was a male, he was asked by his grandfather, when he was age 12, to find a wife. His grannies got married at age 12 that they did not know about marriage. Another example is one woman who works in the Chief District Office in the western part of the country, who was left by her husband after she gave birth to a daughter. She was teen, fell into love. Her daughter and daughter of her sisters got married in teen, did not complete school.

Our most of the parents, and their parents got married age below 18 or say age below 16. And gave birth within a year of getting married. Even now that is happening. During last June and July, Console Mission’s age 14, 3 girls married. Just today Console Mission got information that one girl name Sumitra and her husband will be welcomed home and celebration within a week. They were friends. At first one got married and the other two. It happened because Console Mission was preparing to handover Our Study Place project to the community. In the last 5 years starting from 2018, there were decrease. These girls elder sisters completed school, who were the student and volunteer of OSP. They were supposed to handle their role. One of them had started, who got married earlier. She visited Console Mission’s office. Maybe she was expecting to find a place at Self Managed Home. But it was not easy for her to ask. She might not have shared. And how could she share with her elder sister who was planning to join college completed her SEE.

Really not only in past but even now we are all surrounded by victims.

Marriage may be the way for many teenage girls to sustain their life but they are anyway become victims. They have to give birth and take care of the household chores and take care of livestock and work in land cultivating grains like maize and green vegetables.

A girl who scored good grades in SEE was consulted to join a technical course that would help in her village area. Because her village area is famous for producing milk from their livestock like buffalo, cow and goat. But she got married. When Console Mission contacted, her husband’s uncle told that she was brought so that she could take care of house, livestock, field and continue next generation by giving birth. But the girl was saying that her husband understands the importance of education and he will let her continue going to college.

In 2015, 2016 and 2017, before Console Mission started Our Study Place, an educational coaching class for children, underage marriage was going smoothly. Girls at below 15 were getting married and giving birth.

One incident that Console Mission faced was of the scholarship student in grade 9. She got married. During visit, she was at her house. She told because her father was sick, she had to take care of him and she is not going to school. But within a week she ran away. Her mother was in fear talking to Console Mission. But she told that her daughter would have married a year ago. Only she was getting scholarship she did not. But Console Mission talked to the couple to plan for giving birth and their sex life. But how could they follow, her life was at risk giving birth. She got pregnant and when she was giving birth, she went into emergency that she was hurriedly brought to hospital.

The other story is of a boy that her mother died giving him birth. He never had chance to see her mother. He had 2 elder sisters. His father wanted a son. May be she was physically incapablee. She got married in teen, gave birth of 2. Teenage life is a time when the person must workout. But entering in reproductive cycle has some time, set by medical science. It is founded, medical and medicine wisdom, for the betterment of the world and the people. But when that is not followed, not only social disorders but physical disorders remain and that continues.

We need to break this cycle. Without your help is it possible? No, therefore join us. No one must leave behind otherwise our world will be at risk. The pandemic taught us that how one person or a family or a community suffered from Covid affected the whole world not for a while but its negative impact remained until now.

Through Console Mission’s initiative, a presence of someone who speaks up for the needs and rights of children means a lot. The parents and adults are aware of the law. But lack of someone presence, they are continuing teenage marriage as a part of their cultural practices, sustaining family.


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