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Human Trafficking
Planning a rally, its for the world’s issue

Planning a rally, its for the world’s issue

On behalf of Sahil Shah, the Young Coordinator for the Rally Against Human Trafficking in 2080 B.S., brought to you by a CM Management Volunteer.

He is not only idle who does nothing, but he is idle who might be better employed.


Before I provide information about the rally aimed at raising public awareness of human trafficking, I would like to explain why I chose the aforementioned quote:

“Socrates is widely recognized as a clever individual. It is generally accepted that a person who does nothing is idle, especially one who performs tasks in a repetitive or unchanging manner. This notion suggests that if we desire change, it is crucial to adopt a different approach or alter our method of work.”

    Since 2017, Console Mission has taken to the streets with the aim of raising public awareness. Their goal is to reach the entire country because the rally, an event held in a well-known global city, is not only for Nepal or the Nepalese but also offers crucial support for other countries where human trafficking takes on various horrific forms. While sex is natural, the trafficking of individuals for body parts like skin is an appalling reality that stands in stark contrast to abduction for sexual exploitation.

    The team has initiated the potential road traffic diversion. Approximately 300 participants need to be informed about this, as it will be a new experience for many. The activity is expected to last around one and a half hours. Participants will receive materials designed to facilitate ongoing connection and collaboration after the rally. A nine-member team, including seven staff and two managers, will oversee the event. To manage resources, fundraising efforts have begun, targeting individuals and organizations such as NGOs, political parties, banks, and faith-based groups. The event is anticipated to receive full support from the authorities, as past rallies have proven to be encouraging for them. For instance, a rally on September 5, 2022, in Kathmandu district saw participation from various NGOs addressing human trafficking. The upcoming rally will take place in Lalitpur district, which, along with Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, forms the Kathmandu Valley.

    Materials such as placards will carry potent messages urging authorities to enforce existing laws against human trafficking, with a particular focus on children entitled to freedom and education.

    We need your support. Here is how you can send your support by scanning the QR code linked with the bank account. If you required information for wire transfer write to us at office@consolemission.org.

    The primary concern that requires our attention is the prevalence of child labor and underage marriage, specifically below the age of 15, in Nepal, according to the knowledge from Console Mission. Pamphlets have been utilized in Lalitpur Metropolitan City, a central hub of Nepal, to educate locals on the methods used by traffickers. They also provide insights into the various types of traffickers and their potential targets.
    Humans everywhere in the world react, respond, and feel similarly. It is important to disseminate events that occur in one place to people all around the globe.


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