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A criteria that holds these trainees of various age is educational qualification. Linked with the capabilities to understand and follow instruction. Starting from grade 5 and above, from 4 various levels of school, and various wards, they were selected.

A village have many adults who are not educated and after training they don’t have clue to pass their knowledge. However, this group who had training on Intestinal Worm completed assigned tasks accordingly within the set time.

It is not an easy task to select trainee. Sometime there are many who dislikes because the criteria limits their interest to take training.

The banner that you see in this picture was set one day before on the wall but at morning that was not there. Thinking that it’s a village and a training hall of local governing body, we left there. We thought we could save time but only after searching around, we found this banner thrown like a rubbish.

There are people who hardly likes good things because they had suffered being good or they thinks the world in a different way. However, we crossed many distractions to reach this training. There are challenges we are still facing. But, God is always with us.

Training held on May 2018


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