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Different Business

Compare to village, in urban areas like Kathmandu, money is important. In village, wood for fire, vegetables, fruits and a field is available. Drinkable water is also available in Nepal. But, such natural resources are not available in the big towns and cities.

Looking at this view, once I was thinking that whether it is a way of earning that this mother has adopted. Because I have seen people and have heard that begging has been their ancestral business. Though their hands, legs and body are fit to work, they beg.

As I was watching this mother and the child in a rainy and hot temperature, I have realised that she is in such situation because she do not have anyone, especially husband to take care. What should she could do? Whether she go to work or take care of her child? Certainly, even if her husband is at work, the expensive life in city forced her to do something that will support the family. Her another son or daughter might have gone to school. Or, if the initial was right that her husband left right after she gave birth to her daughter then she is in a bad situation. There are many cases that is found that not only husband entire family left and abandoned.

The appearance reflects that she is from the tropical area of Nepal. Many comes to Kathmandu with health purpose. And, rather than returning back to underdeveloped society outside of Kathmandu valley where many like health facilities lack, they rather start with something like this. However, later or sooner such people in street are questioned by the authority. There are no such place that such cases who are abandoned by the families or because of the poor situation could get Shelter.

Beg Business in front of Kings way

(Kings Way, Kathmandu January 28, 2011)


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