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Our Study Place

Our Study Place

An environment for less privileged children for learning at home

“Learning is not attained on chance; it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.”

Abigail Adams

Children are facing:

  1. Time management – the time they have to focus on studying is valuable if they learn to manage it by writing a “timetable” work, based on CoMi’s experiences (a boy failed in class 8 was called at CoMi’s office during pandemic when lockdown was shortly lifted, he traveled from a village called Bulakhichawor, 1 hour of walk and about 3 hours of travel by bus on July 14, 2020)
  2. Parents expectation children to help in household’s chores, taking care of livestock and taking care of vegetables in their field.
  3. Almost 100 percent of the population of adults married were married in their teenage. And not completed school’s education and some have never been to school.
  4. The impact is such parents hardly or never visit or attend their children’s programs and activities at school. Teachers are discouraged but have been continuing their work by helping children who are in need of educational materials and school uniforms.

After this teenage boy from the far and village areas of Lalitpur, he got help planning to manage his time. He followed it. And when he revisited on February 15, 2021, though he failed he was continuing in class 9 that happened after his previous visit. He was told to ask his school about the situation that he was facing, taking care of livestock and even cooking food. As his elder sister was studying living at Console Mission’s SMH, he was helping his father. Her mother was not with them. And he also had a younger brother. For more encouragement, he was handed educational materials. Now he has completed his school. But he is facing another challenge.


After planning to manage time this boy looked happy and fresh to go back his home and focus in his study.


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