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Not Tailoring but F&D

Not Tailoring but F&D

There are 3 types of interests group in an organisation where I am associated as Programme Executive. In this position I cannot ignore the members ideas to undertake but try to direct them together for the best of all. The fact is that both small or big project requires human resources that must play a role of managing human as well as non-human resources. #Health, #Education and #Human Resources Development are the three areas that the members are interested. I personally developed ideas that project that is initiated (#socialinitiationforchange) must focus on Prevention because it is linked with the sustainablty (#a_progressive_development).

Tailoring is a skill development training programme to empower females started by members especially female since 2019 targeting disadvantaged communities from both urban and rural areas of the capital city of Nepal developed by a team who are particularly knows that there are Nepali women who are not independent because they are illiterate and uneducated. The primary beneficiaries are the single women. The first badge was a success that trainee started earning by directly getting orders or through the contact with the tailoring shop that was created during the training. I have called it Skill & Business Development Programme/Tailoring and Sewing Skill or SBDP/TSS. While I have used TSS for this specific tailoring skill development programme but you might be curious about F&D. I have found it is a short form for Food and Dairy. But, it is not. When I interact with the trainees my job had/has been to find out about their future thought that how they will use their skill after they complete their course. And, to put knowledge about starting business is my primary responsibility.

However, it is a challenge to motivate the participants for business in a systematic way. Because tailoring is separated that only specific caste should do it in Nepal. Among them mostly do not know to manage their earned skill after completing. It could go together with selling cloths because customer may need to fix according to their size or they could be a trainer or they can get job in Fashion & Designing Companies or they could open their own Fashion stores. By giving examples of future possibilities, I have been successful to motivate trainees to continue. If there are 12 in starting after a month 1 or 2 discontinue because they either finds job or for a single woman with children they have responsibilities to handle, which is common reason that we have learned. At the end it is possible that about 15% – 20% discontinue.

All trainees are less motivated to be called Tailor. But, they are motivated to be called Fashion & Cloth Designer. And, it helps them to continue training as well as think more about developing skill in designing. To do this trainer, trainee and the advisory team works together.

During the training:

  • Attendance is maintained
  • Keeping notes and maintaining a Note Book is mandatory
  • If anyone stops coming for 2 classes cannot continue except due reason but need to manage extra time to cover what is taught
  • Trainee learn to come over the weaknesses and possible threats relation to their future plan
  • If trainee cannot continue, they needs to fill up a form that includes the time she attended, the lesson that she learned and a proof of a valid reason for discontinuing is collected.
  • Home visit of the trainee is mandatory that is carried on by Programme Assistant and a Volunteer.
  • Trainer is focused on teaching and learning method that test are taken after the trainee learns new lessons
A beautiful trainee uses her school skill to learn tailoring


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