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Console Mission, Playing a Role to Develop Mind from Early Age

Console Mission, Playing a Role to Develop Mind from Early Age

Individuals have their own choices. Both old and modern societies have their own cultures and traditions that help them to live their life smoothly. But the fact is that everyone can not stay in one place without going markets, visiting relatives and places like Government offices, hospitals etc.. Interaction is important and happens even if unwanted.

It is parents responsibilities to play a role of mentor to develop mental from early age

Interaction is purposeful therefore it is important that children from early age should get opportunities to develop their mind. And, games like Ludo helps. The other fact about this indoor game is that there are 4-players who plays together. Playing together or doing something together, following rules and accepting lost or appreciating win by other are some of the essentials that this games helps children to develop from their childhood. There are games that is managed at the Study Centre who gets to play in weekend. Such initiation are managed in the rural areas of one district where it is challenging to travel because roads are blocked by landslides.

Games that helps to develop self-attitude like working in team, accepting lost and appreciating win is important

Study Place or Study Centre is a project started since 2018 by participating the members of Console Mission, the individual supporters and the beneficiaries. The main objective of this initiation is that the children who are suffering to do their after school homework and prepare for test/exam because their parents are either busy or illiterate or low educated. To understand the impact, the Intern of Console Mission were sent to the schools and interviewed teachers and found that the children attending Study Place improving and doing well in their studies that is the achievement. Console Mission is looking forward for the opportunity to run this initiation effectively.

Playing ludo, an indoor game


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