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Why old age people in tropical places lacks pleasant life

A friend send his mother’s picture as his family are worrying about her health condition.

Rampari Devi, 47 suffering of diabetes

Tropical areas of Nepal are known as Terai or plain areas where cultivation and farming are favourable. Soils and water are available easily. And people are involved and prioritizes agriculture or working in field. Rice planting is an occasion and people temporarily migrating in other parts with educational and work purposes goes to their house during rice planting season.

Walking barefoot because of hot, eating cow, buffalo or goat products like milk or sweet or butter are popular and seen in this area.

The disturbing and distractions that the Terai people goes through every year is the monsoon season when waters from the hilly regions flows and floods ruins their livelihood and habitat.

Since water surrounds house and roads or walking path are filled with water for long time mosquitoes survives easily. Children enjoys swimming in water though it is unsuitable.


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