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Different types and different sizes of tools are available in market places where repairs and maintenance paid services are provided. This one is a particular one that we can easily guess. This is not other than in Nepal where such services are many, about 8 that is known to be within this area called Nakhipot. I had this opportunity to capture it in my mobile because the mechanics was away out of the Kathmandu valley to take care of his spouse who became ill. There were two guys age between 15 – 18 taking care of this small business service.

These tools were in its place because they were not used for a while. Lack of mechanics there is no customers and the two guys find at least to do something.

Our projects are also like this without the right person, specifically when it is the case of Health sector, it is most relevant to have at least 3 – 4 years course completed Health person. Currently there are 2 who have completed their academic course and 1 of them have expressed his interest to continue in a full-time position. To manage a full-time position resources is important. Since this Health position will be valuable, full management is essential.

Looking back and even at the current and looking for the future a full-time Health person is necessary. I don’t want to take risks that when mechanic had to urgently go the repairs and services centre is not of any use. Therefore if possible 2 will be necessary, female and male having similar capacity to perform health activities. May be in part time position. However looking the future plan I prefer both gender in full-time position.

Tools just like in its right place are like plans that looks good in reading. But putting it into action requires resources. The important one is human. In a NGO like Console Mission volunteers comes with their own interest and by requesting but for an on going project just like the customers who trust the mechanic, same Health person is relevant for the smoothness and good management.


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