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child rights
Study Place

Study Place

A place where children will get help to do homework. And school for those who don’t go to school. Moreover it will be a symbol in the community for the Children Rights to Education. It is linked with the forced marriage, forced for labour and many social causes linked with children especially girls.

But to reach to cover the need we cannot depend only on locals who are a kind of staff. For it’s continuation people from urban area should go there. But since it is a daily task, teaching children, willingness just doesn’t work. Therefore a tutor needs is most. Since it is a valuable task and it should continue the local volunteers needs training.

The higher grade student going in 10, 11 and 12 who are valuable needs to be developed as a team. There are challenges because of the social viewpoints like some should study and some other should work as a slave for someone.

Social system have drawn a line that though legally rubbed it has not affected or changed the society. And in the rural area these situations, if deeply analysed, are the root causes of social situations like human trafficking.

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