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The starting of Console Mission

On memory of the founder chairman, Ms. Martha Marhatta

Since 2010 Training on nutrition, counselling and management was provided to the volunteers, staffs and the managers/owners of both private, public and private public elderly homes located at the heart of the country. This training was held in a training hall of an NGO nearby.

The founder members in front, management team and the trainees from shelter homes. First shelter homes were visited and after understanding their various needs, they are verbally informed about the training. 15 was the minimum and 30 was maximum number of trainees set. After the number is reached, visiting several shelter homes, training content with handbook, training date and venue is fixed. Then a written letter about the training is sent to the possible shelter homes.

Training held at the office that was provided at her own house in Lalitpur Metropolitain City, ward number 15.

Team member visited one shelter home in Lalitpur. After the training, assisting the trainees and continue visiting were followed.


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