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We must assure that no one is left behind

We must assure that no one is left behind

Written by the management volunteer of Console Mission, Prithivi Shah

Covid-19 affected people of this world in many ways. A student from far eastern region of Nepal, Okhaldhunga came in the hub city of the country but unable to pay fee at her college found Console Mission for help.

After completing grade 10, there are students who selects career path that put them in a position to earn after 3-years of Vocational Course in Nepal controlled by a government’s project called CTEVT. It costs about 8 – 10 lakhs local currency or 7000 – 8500 American dollars. Some get scholarship and manage by loan. Those students’ parents either work in low positions or many that I have found were working in the Middle East countries. But after the pandemic many lost their jobs and their children have to stop continuing their studies because their parents returned to Nepal. One similar case was shared with me. After learning her needs I shared her a scholarship form. She filled it up and after managing all the required documents, it was submitted. Now let’s imagine she stopped continuing joining her online class because she had to pay the fee and her parents were saying to her to manage and telling her that when they have it, they will give it. But, that wasn’t working. She has to go 1 and a half year more to complete her Diploma in Engineering.

I heard positive news about the scholarship application. I shared her and she wrote me “heartily Thank u so much sir Hajur harule mero sapana pura garne mero padhailai continue garne abasar dinyvayo thank u so much” means  thank you for helping to fulfill my dream by giving opportunity to continue my study. Is not what we did is plantation of seed of hope. We can find that every person has plans for welfare to give us a future and hope. In coming days this student and more students will learn that who guided us for this to happen, to fulfill our future hope.


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