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Valuable learning experience

Valuable learning experience

NTDs/STH, Choughare – a test project of Console Mission (Dilasha Aviyan)

Soil-transmitted Helminths

In a cold winter season of 2018 and 2019 locals 23 trained to identify on STH symptoms, after review training reached to each household for re-symptoms check. Does not this strengthened their capacity? Learning is important but, learning by doing is effective…

More than treating medicine, understanding the symptoms was the concentration of the project. Still the implementation of the overall activities is not over. However, medicine was treated. It was not budgeted. Medicine was received writing an application. Consequently, medicine was available because it was needed to short out. Generalizing the fact medicine is sensitive and it is not us ( nonmedical and unauthentic) who should carry on this task. Because it is possible that the drugs may cause side effect. If someone allergic to it or with liver or bone marrow diseas or pregnant have it either knowingly or unknowingly, that will negatively affect.

Ward no. 5 of Choughare, trained person answering question related to symptoms 22/01/2019

Even if individual or organization can get for free, Government permission is mandatory. Because it is highly prevalent effective medicine. Without permit, custom does not allow to pass.

In Nepal based on my recent visit to the Government health officer, treating medicine for Lymphatic Filariasis free distribution is stopped that was last treated in 2017 to all age group. Except below age 5 are treated Albendazole and Vitamin in 2018.

Looking at the sustainability local faith-based must show activeness. And a team set whose team member knows about their effectiveness but geographical and distance is challenging to meet regularly that is the need. If the team meets and organizes awareness program, it is possible that their work will be noticed, as they reach to each household (similar to what is taught) by the local government. In future if this team will propose ideas related to health awareness (regular preventive health awareness is important because the areas do not lack public health facility but the geography is challenging), financial support is possible. Their agenda will be heard and they get resources needed. As well as School Health Peer Group could get support based on their effectiveness. School, health post and village municipal office needs to write a plan annually. They needs help from the locals. If locals both formal or informal can submit proposal. Based on the reliability, fund is approved. Sometime when propose plan may cross or similar to Government’s plan, at that time it will be rejected.

Until, individual person or organization do not cross government’s plan, even project or program can go without taking approval. But, it is most essential that transparency is built by keeping good financial account, spend according to the plan and keep record of what is provided, service, medicine (there must be a logic in treating medicine), or training what comes under the plan.

Government Office, Konjosom Gaupalika, Lalitpur, Nepal – 27/01/2019

Specific to empowering and concept demonstration, the project is over. The end of February 2019, an analysis (activities, challenges, lesson learned and presentation on the upcoming project for the VDCs that comes under Konjosom Gaupalika (Konjosom Village-Municipality) will be organized. Console Mission will be presence in the area, Choughare activities will be followed like Health Club. And, their plan for the coming year. It seems that they could help the Government Health Post in distribution of Vitamin and Albendazole in coming year. If they will get medicine they will initiate for the adult take medicine as they have done in 2018.

After a year work, record of households of 9 wards are ready to go in folder. There are 3 more records that are related to the Health Assessments.


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