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Don’t you think NHRC needs to run it’s own Detective department?

Don’t you think NHRC needs to run it’s own Detective department?

It has been a long time that I have this idea to organise detective service as a privately own just like nongovernmental organisations who is quicker in acting than the governmental body who has to go through long process. That might be better but th\nere are several human rights issues that the responsible body or department is lacking to give solution to the culprit and punish the rapist, murderer and those involved in crime.

Therefore, I personally suggest a separate department of Nepal Human Rights Commission is so far could be relevant based on the case of Nirmal Pantha, an underage 13 years age girl where the authority seems to inexperienced and based on the several pending cases related to Human Rights. Normally head appears later in scene. I have experience of handling death bodies that is a different environment, you do not know what to do. We should not ignore that those who appeared in scene early and handled the death body particularly in case of this young girl were human being just like us. Nepal is not a place that such crimes happens frequently. The other factor is that we have been hearing that there had been irregularity in the recruitment process. It is in all sectors. We don’t know those who handled the body in the crime scenes where body is found and related places were experienced one? It shows they are inexperienced and it is not wrong because until freshers starts they are not capable. Blaming the authority just because saying it’s their task is irrelevant. Several cases are solved after longer time.

The citizens could doubt because it itself a part of the government. Those who know NHRC has been showing sympathy to the victims of the human rights issue by either showing up in protest, pressure rally in road for proper judgement from the Government. In case of Nirmala they have involved as a participant. Other than that they could have acted more vigorously.

Any such job has possibility of exploitation. Therefore other than individual or NGO NHRC a human rights focused organisation is relevant.


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