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Some selfishness on organising Modern Days Slavery peaceful rally

Last year in October 2017, impatiently Console Mission a grassroots indigenous NGO organised a public rally where there were 270 – 300 with the physical support of local police.

According the study of C.M. the most relevant topics that is suitable for Nepal are: Child labour, forced marriage and sex trafficking.

There are 5 that I know from A21 are:

  1. Sex trafficking
  2. Forced Labour
  3. Bondage labour
  4. Domestic home servitude
  5. Child soldiers

I have mentioned 3 above that is based on fact and relevant to the concentration of Console Mission. There are NGOs focusing Sex trafficking but since it has not been controlled, it is effective for NGO like Console Mission to concentrate, studying and some awareness activities along.

Since we have permission granted to open a rescue place or a Shelter Home, we managed a Rescue Support Services. The facilities like living room, health and police support is managed with the capacity to serve the victim for maximum 15 days. After this time they will be placed in proper place or rehabilitated.

The Peaceful Rally is a creative idea when Rallies that have been by the political or youths or public are noisy. The purpose is to aware the Nepalese citizens and alert the unknown human traffickers.

We seek to abolish human trafficking (modern days slavery) that has different faces.

Mostly girls “Standing proudly against sex trafficking”
Console Mission’s approach is to motivate children to continue going to school


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