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Team Building

Team Building

As a Project Executive, my role has been contributing the continuation of the development of Console Mission by developing projects that brings changes. Therefore following guidelines is important that is developed to practise during the implementation of the project activities.

Moreover Human Resources is always challenging and higher priority for me. And I think it is most important in the areas of Health to have authentic.

Besides this activities, factors that directs towards the regularity even after the end of the project not only suits Console Mission but it is the gateway to get pass to manage projects either in the village communities, urban slum settlement/ urban religiously bounded on own culture and tradition or at the Shelter Homes or at schools.

Oral Hygiene educated team member
Strengthen a Team for Health education and alertness activities
5 team members are the undergraduate student of Public Health Management
Using a flip chart to pass the knowledge

(Building a Health team in the areas of Personal Hygiene – June 2018)

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