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About us

When Dilasha Aviyan or Console Mission was in a process to get legal status by registering at the relevant Government office, a foreigner associated with NGO questioned about its necessities. Because there were several. That put Dilasha Aviyan in a position to really explore its need. Therefore, when the chairman of Dilasha Aviyan brought a project proposal template, the working team member did not find it useful. For 5 years starting from April 2010 to 2015, Dilasha Aviyan focused in finding out the need that it must focus on. Then found out which areas to focus, in a learning stage still how to do and priority beneficiary.

Earthquake put Dilasha Aviyan in a position to know about the rural village communities. And extension of knowledge. In 2016 and 2017, a project was implemented to help children to manage their need. Thinking that that will be enough. But there were school children leaving school and getting married or entering urban or someway finding job for earning. Distracting with the continuation of educational materials management like uniform and notebook did not work. It was found that those social issues have been considered. That has been happening. School was not valuing. Not only the ethnic tribal but even people of all backgrounds were not taking education as the need. Therefore, a project was tested in 2018 starting from September to December called it “Our Study Place”. Simply an education place where children comes and study together. There was some volunteering, helping in their study. It was not possible to manage tutor for daily 2 hours. It was supported by some management committee’s members. The local village’s volunteer was informed that after that they must continue, if they think that is necessary. After the end of the 4 months, the local people were informed. But they wanted to continue because that helped the children to improve in their studies. And, the presence of a body that supports the rights and need of children, social issues were decreasing.