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First NGO’s Initiation For Prevention Awareness in Nepal

First NGO’s Initiation For Prevention Awareness in Nepal

The representative of NGOs in the capital city of Nepal that has been concentrating the Communicable diseases since 2018 and individual/family hygiene awareness since 2014 initiated project in the tropical area of Nepal.

Regular touch with the trainees is prioritized that help carry on project. And an opportunity for them to experiment their training into action

Neglecting or lack of awareness and education, people were involving in social activities, August 25, 2020
Trainee of Console Mission formed a group of 5 and planned for Awareness/Educational Activities, August 27, 2020
Console Mission suggested to print similar pamphlets but in local language
A local printing press helped to publish it, September 2, 2020
5000 copies based on the population was printed
Started awareness activities since September 5, 2020
The team member are excited to teach but they have divided their role

Plan and Project Location:
Day 1 : Manarasiswa – 3, (Jaukh)
Day 2 : Manarasiswa – 4, (Sonaul)
Day 3 : Manarasiswa – 3, (Sanda)
Day 4 : Manarasiswa – 9, (Madhwa)
Day 5 : Manarasiswa – 1, (Manara)

Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/w3DrHdL1ntjLcKrk8


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