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Limitless Hope in Uncertainties

Limitless Hope in Uncertainties

Prevention is better than cure

Earth has been a challenging place for us and all living being. If we look at our cloths that we are wearing, it is either thin or thick that might be according to what we are feeling warm or cold. And, is not it is directly connected to the changing weather? Or, how do you select for your body? Right here, I suggest that if you have not considered nature as adversaries for surviving, then please start thinking about it. When was the last time you flew to another place? It is an innovation that has brought world nearer. It is really useful and meeting the need by shortening the time that used to take more hours or days before. Still plane manufacturers and scientists are exploring ways to shorten the time taken shown in Discovery TV Channel. My grandfather used to share that reaching the nearest place taking 2-hours now by road used to take 3-days; he used to walk up the hill, passing jungles and rivers, needed to hold at villages or in cave at night. During monsoon it was challenging to cross rivers. But, since his height was 6.1 feet, he used to help other traveller to cross. There are stories on journey by foot when there were no vehicles and roads. But, concentrating the title of this article: Have not we human changed the picture of past, created uncountable wearable, edible and usable goods in different form, shapes and sizes, tastes and colours that is troubling enough? In Nepal we can find bread made by Nanglo, a bakery company that has expiry date clearly mentioned in it. It is a tiny example, I have experienced that as the expiry date approaches, the color of crust or end piece of bread was changing into green and next day suddenly white moist was seen. The fact is that human made things has limitations. Is not anything manufactured caution safety matters? However, safety and precautions are applied producing goods or designing services, the end of human life is sure.

Human being is better journeying days to reach from one place to another. It helped to keep physically fit, caring the environment and increase and develop close intimacies between human beings. Moreover, it helped to understand the controls of nature.

Similarly, the current situation created by coronavirus health pandemic, death/life situation is not only the time that uncertainties and safety concerns. Every time when we travel by or drive modern means, we follow rules because risks matters most. Now, yes, it is stupid to talk about hope but better first to talk about fearlessness because if a person has hope he/she do not have fear, mostly fear of death. Those who have not found full happiness or a little happiness then fear of the current situation kills. As well as every moment is fearful because of the lack of hope. The another fact is that the world is full of fear. And, crossing the limitations has brought us into this hopeless situation. Thus, those who have been living understanding the fact about the limitations and the unlimited love that is already available for us have no fear of this kind of sudden situation. Because, once human being has crossed the limitations failing to follow the advise though there was limitless environment managed by the creator.

The earth is in such a situation that a result of uncaring prevention. Squeezing the margins between risk and safety/caution is the result of current situation.


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