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Communities Affected

People have been settled in Hills from long ago

There are 3-types of communities that Console Mission has been caring.

  1. Rural communities
  2. Slum communities
  3. Abandoned Rescued Shelter Homes

Lockdown was effective since March 24 to curb the spread of COVID-2019 in Nepal.

Until yesterday, 19063 cases were detected coronavirus positive. 3,52,307 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests and 312,402 Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDT) were done. Yesterday 311 cases were detected, compared to day before yesterday 172 new cases were detected. On July 27, 139 were detected. In last 24 hours 88 cases were confirmed and 2 died in Lalitpur district where Console Mission is located.

Monsoon has been affecting lives of the village communities and slum. Slum is located nearby the river. Flood devastated 339 houses there. Before lockdown Console Mission reached each house learned that there are 339 households. Communicable disease’s symptoms were checked. And, 18 cases that showed symptoms were rechecked and helped to take appropriate action.

A person who had itchy rashes in his skin were suggested to visit nearby Medical Test called Sparsha Nepal. His daughter had similar rashes.
Rash seen in her face
Part of slum seen nearby river
A woman was guided for test whose test for the time being was negative. A local volunteer was show Sparsha Nepal where HIV symptoms detected could be guided.

There are 3 Rural Village Municipalities called Bagmati, Konjyosom and Mahankal. Under it 7, 5 and 6 wards are found respectively. Console Mission reached and raised hope in 5 wards of 3 Village Municipalities.

Console Mission has been focusing Preventive Health and Ethical Education. And, relevant community empowering activities were managed.

Now, these rural communities started imagining about their habitat because every monsoon, certainly prone to earthquake, landslides and floods creates uncertainties. Now, for the concerning body, income matters than preventing citizens from disease.

In a developing country, might citizens make ways to manage lives themselves. Instead of getting support, there are no ways than resisting distractions and carry on earning. How could you survive if citizens don't earn?

The recent decision declined by private sector to run business and the relevant body suggesting to do reflects that how and who is more affected. Console Mission has announced closing of office and its work to give hint that it cares Prevention. It started from July 24 that will be ended on August 16. During this time, relief work will be carried on. And, by maintaining distance class will run at 4 villages. But, it is also discouraged because loosening lockdown increased interactions, travelling and transportation.

Console Mission or recognized as Dilasha Aviyan suggested the Metropolitan Police to continue odd and even vehicle movement that was strictly followed since June 12, after 3 months of lockdown.

Personal/family Health and Nutritious Food Package developed by Console Mission for relief
Story books, colouring books, colours, note copies, indoor games and stationeries package for children through Oir Study Place
Masks and Sanitary pads

Console Mission as a Community and Rural Development NGO has been analysing the economical effect. Why currency of other nations are not affected compared to the developing nations. Instead values increased but it is challenging for the citizens of developing nations that it is hard to find a sack of rice in same or expected decreasing in cost. It is happening because the rulers doesn’t care their citizens. In this situation, Console Mission is a hope. And, it is an opportunity to maintain and increase positive factors like love, empathy, fairness and peace. Will you be a part of it?

At “Our Study Place and Health Club” in Naya Gaun (meaning New Village) volunteer sent to organize Community Meeting, objective to understand the knowledge about current pandemic a d social need.


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