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Government has self-sufficient to manage scholarship budget

Government has self-sufficient to manage scholarship budget

Every year School Leaving Certificate (SLC) or, School Elementary Examination (SEE) completed students of public school gets opportunity to apply for educational scholarship. This year students linked with the NGO where I am associated went through the process and appeared for the scholarship examination. During the process, student were charged about Rs. 1000. And, submitted document with the voucher that was deposited in the account that was provided. It was not surprising to see a private bank handling the payments by operating bank inside the Government premises. I think, it was the contract or the bank provided service to the Government. However, the receiving transaction must be many that such facilities is available inside the premises.

Many students from all the districts of Nepal arrived the location located within th capital city, after the announcement of the application, process to apply and the deadline to apply for it.

Since, this writing concentrates self-sufficiency to manage the scholarship, I would like to reflect some simple calculations: if there were 100,000 students, out of the charge Rs. 1000, the total amount collected/paid by the student will be Rs. 1,00,000,000. According, to the scholarship payment student gets Rs. 5000 per month. The students that I am linked planned 3-years course. Then, such student gets Rs. 5000 × 12 months × 3 years equals (=) Rs. 180,000. Based on this budget, per student 555.55 (~556) numbers of students can get scholarship.

I haven’t gone through the details like:

  • What are the numbers or the available seat for scholarship?
  • What is the exact scholarship amount?
  • Targeted group for scholarship based on the ethnicity or socially backwardness?
  • The fact about this current year scholarship?

In conclusion, not reflecting the hardships that students has to go through, it is a self-sufficiency and self-efficent way to manage scholarship program for the Government.


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